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Celebrating at the Girls on the Run Spring 5K

Posted 5/18/2017 | In the News

The Girls on the Run end-of-season 5K is truly a celebration. Ten weeks of team-building, lessons, and, of course running, lead up to this challenge. Completing the 5K is the culminating experience of the Girls on the Run curriculum, and...

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Get Ready for #BigGive2017!

Posted 4/14/2017 | In the News

Get Ready for #BigGive 2017! Girls on the Run Bexar County’s vision is a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.  Bexar County is home to over 120,000 girls...

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Who is GOTRBC: Spotlight on Yvonne

Posted 3/15/2017 | Volunteer Spotlight

"Teamwork is what makes common people capable of uncommon results."~Pat Summit A few of the core values of Girls on the Run include leading with an open heart and being intentional in our decision-making and responsibilities. When Yvonne Vargas, Chair...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Marketing Team

Posted 2/4/2017 | Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Marketing Team “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve."~Martin Luther King, Jr.  As Girls on the Run Bexar County continues to grow in the number of girls, we have grown in the need for volunteers. Behind the...

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Bigger and Better- the best is yet to come!

Posted 1/29/2017 | Community

    Bigger and Better: The Best is yet to come! Great things are about to happen this season with GOTRBC! With the expansion of the staff, coaches, and sites, our organization will have LIMITLESS POTENTIAL to reach even bigger...

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End of Season 5k

Posted 12/7/2016 | Community

Fall 2016- End of Season 5k!   The Fall 2016-End of Season 5k is upon us folks! Both coaches and girls have been training for months to take on the 3-mile challenge this Saturday, December 10th. These young ladies dedicated...

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The Impact of #GivingTuesday

Posted 11/26/2016 | Community

In a sea of pink at this year’s Paint the Parkway Pink 5k was a group of 16 girls in gold shirts. They were part of the Girls on the Run team at Mead Elementary, a Title 1 school near...

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Who is GOTRBC: Spotlight on Marika

Posted 10/23/2016 | Volunteer Spotlight

Sometimes we find that what we were really born to do is not at all what we thought it would be. We make plans and set goals and then new, unexpected plans find us. As Marika Misangyi, founding member and...

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Posted 10/21/2016 | Community

          Hearty, Healthy Halloween!  It is no secret that candy is one of the main reasons why everyone loves Halloween- but rest assured it is not the only treat to serve during the festivities. Trick your...

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Posted 9/20/2016 | Community

Are you ready for a total body workout? All you need is yourself, a partner, water, and your favorite park! You and your partner will be performing 3 different circuits that will engage all of the muscles in your body....

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Who is GOTRBC? Spotlight on Hermine

Posted 8/23/2016 | Volunteer Spotlight

Being born to do something is not just about having skills or talent. It is also about the passion and determination it takes to set and accomplish a goal.   Hermine Williams, founding member and Treasurer of Girls on the...

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3 Tip Summer Challenge

Posted 7/14/2016 | Community

3 TIP SUMMER CHALLENGE Basic Tips For a Healthy Summer!! We have all heard someone say, “I don’t drink enough water.” The reason why people don’t drink enough water varies from excuses like “it's too boring and it doesn’t have...

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Meet our New Program Coordinator - Andrea Duke!

Posted 6/14/2016 | In the News

When someone hears the name Andrea Duke, what generally comes to mind is “amazing runner” or “elite athlete”. When we hear her name, we think of a driven woman, inspiring in every way. A game changer.   We are thrilled to announce...

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My Experience As a Running Buddy

Posted 5/23/2016 | Volunteer Spotlight

I recently had the privilege to be a Running Buddy at the 3rd Annual Girls on the Run 5K.   Hands down, this was by far the most unique and rewarding 5K I have experienced. The energy from the coaches,...

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Are You Ready for the Big Give?

Posted 4/18/2016 | Community

“Thank you for inspiring our girls to be their personal best and support each other. What a gift.” – GOTR Parent Evidence-based evaluation of the Girls on the Run program shows a statistically significant improvement in body image, eating attitudes, and...

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Give the Gift of Running:  Become a SoleMate

Posted 11/22/2015 | Community

It’s that time of year when we think about those things in life we are grateful for. Our families and friends. Food and shelter. For those of us who are runners, the ability to run. And we also think about...

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Introducing Our New Sorority Liaisons!

Posted 9/9/2015 | Volunteer Spotlight

Our volunteers make everything possible... On race day, the last lesson of the 10-week Girls on the Run program, the girls put on their tutus, bracelets and hair decorations and gear up for a super fun (and admittedly very pink)...

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What Does it Mean to be a Coach?

Posted 8/1/2015 | Community

What role does a Coach play? I logged on to my computer, quickly navigating to the Girls on the Run (GOTR) Coaching page. I was new to the organization, but eager to get involved. I immediately asked myself (admittedly with...

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Why Do You Give to GOTR?

Posted 4/20/2015 | Community

Girls on the Run wouldn’t be able to function without our amazing coaches.  They give so much to the program—not only their time, but also their enthusiasm, compassion and wisdom. GOTR coaches set the tone for their team’s atmosphere. It...

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Gearing up for The Big Give SA!

Posted 4/1/2015 | Community

Why should you join Girls on the Run? If you were going to tell your classmates about Girls on the Run, we said to our girls, what are some reasons you would tell them to join?  Here’s what one of...

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Coach Spotlight: Los Reyes Elementary's Jennifer Truss

Posted 2/15/2015 | Volunteer Spotlight

This month we are talking with Los Reyes Elementary coach Jennifer Truss. Jennifer is a first time coach this year. She has volunteered in the past with GOTRBC and we are so lucky to have her as a coach now!...

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What's my child up too?

Posted 9/30/2014 | In the News

It's here...GOTR Fall Season 2014 and we couldn't be more excited to welcome your girls to the program!   If you are new to GOTR, you may be wondering what to expect. We have the scoop for you right here....

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Hey Coach!

Posted 8/3/2014 | Community

  In my other life outside of Girls On the Run, I work in a corporate environment. The company has recently embarked on a journey to equip it's management team with skills and tools to COACH and develop employees. We...

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SoleMates Spotlight

Posted 7/10/2014 | Community

Girls On the Run is not just for our young girls, but also for our young at heart. There are many opportunities for adults to get involved, and there is one in particular that I want to share with you today.  SoleMates...

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GOTR Summer 2014!

Posted 6/23/2014 | Community

 School was out for summer a few weeks ago and yesterday marked the first official day of summer. We are full fledged in the middle of vacation season folks! That means road trips, family vacation, summer movie nights in the...

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Coach Spotlight: Coaching with Christine at C.C. Ball!

Posted 5/17/2014 | Volunteer Spotlight

Christine coaches with Charles C. Ball Elementary, a GOTRBC new site on the Southeast side of San Antonio. C.C. Ball, home of the Mighty Tigers, has about 600 students and a blossoming GOTR team. How did you hear about Girls...

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Meet Amy & Ashley: An Awesome Mother-Daughter Duo!

Posted 5/8/2014 | Volunteer Spotlight

Coach Amy and her daughter Ashley are just one of Girls on the Run Bexar County’s fantastic mother-daughter duos. We were delighted to receive this message from Amy after her team’s practice 5k during the Spring 2014 season and thought...

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Support Girls on the Run Bexar County during The Big Give!

Posted 5/3/2014 | Community

What is The Big Give S.A.? The Big Give S.A. is a 24-hour online giving event that will take place from midnight to midnight on May 6, 2014. The purpose of this community-wide giving challenge is to increase public awareness of...

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Coach Spotlight: Austin Academy's Mobi Warren

Posted 4/8/2014 | Volunteer Spotlight

Austin Academy Coach Mobi Warren first heard about Girls on the Run Bexar County at a 5k information table last summer. The Girls on the Run International mission of inspiring girls “to be joyful, healthy and confident” matched closely with...

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Tutus ARE Running Gear!

Posted 4/1/2014 | In the News

When SELF Magazine contacted Monika Allen with a request for a picture of her running a race in a tutu, she assumed it was for something positive. However, when she saw her photo and the magazine’s comments, she was “just...

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Oh, to Run and Change the World

Posted 7/15/2013 | Community

What would you say to someone who told you that running could change the world? Would you think they were odd, crazy, dreaming? Not my world, you might think. Not the real world, where businesses and people work hard to...

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