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Volunteer Spotlight: Marketing Team

Posted 2/4/2017 | Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Marketing Team

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve."~Martin Luther King, Jr. 

As Girls on the Run Bexar County continues to grow in the number of girls, we have grown in the need for volunteers. Behind the scenes, our Leadership Teams are made up of volunteers with unique sets of skills and talents who make sure each season runs smoothly and makes an impact.

Our Marketing Team is just one of those teams.  Sarah Patterson, the current team lead, built the team from the ground up in 2014. Having volunteered as a coach in Spring 2012, she already had a passion for GOTR’s mission. After coaching, Sarah continued to use her time and talents to promote Girls on the Run by making flyers and photographing the end-of-season 5K. As the organization spread to more sites in San Antonio and Bexar County, she began to see the need for a marketing team within the organization to get the word out.

“It has been a humbling, invaluable experience,” she says. “It was not without the support of the council that we have such a strong team today.”

Sarah’s work has not only positively impacted the organization. The skills she developed in both marketing and graphic design as Marketing Team Lead inspired her to create her own marketing business!

Sarah, the current Marketing Team Lead, began taking pictures at Girls on the Run events in 2013

The Marketing Leadership Team gets together once a month to brainstorm ideas and delegate tasks. It is these meetings, Sarah says, that make her proud to be a Team Lead.

“I love getting to see the creativity and talent we each bring to the table,” She said.  

“It's really humbling to lead a team of people, let alone volunteers, who are equally as passionate about what we do and work hard to give their best to any project at hand.”

So, what does the Marketing Team do? Here is a sampling of the various tasks and skills needed to be a successful team:

Social Media: Our social media team loves getting the word out about Girls on the Run to sponsors, girls, coaches, and the entire San Antonio community. Being a part of the social media team not only involves writing posts that are worthy of likes and Retweets. It is also key to stay ahead of trends so we can keep bringing the latest updates to our wonderful followers!

Newsletter and E-mail campaigns: Our newsletter team works hard to plan, write, and design the monthly newsletter that goes out to our fantastic Girls on the Run supporters! The newsletter is a one-stop shop for all the news and information that our supporters need to know for the month. Our e-mail campaign team also writes and sends our End-of-Year appeals and Thank-you letters that go out to our sponsors. It takes strong written communication, an eye for design, and great communication skills to make our monthly newsletter a success!

Blog: Have you checked out the GOTR blog lately? If so, you have read stories about the amazing women involved in our organization, excellent health and fitness tips, and inspiring moments from past seasons. Our blog team brings these stories to you at least twice a month by setting up interviews, selecting photos, writing content, and putting it all into an eye-catching design. We love bringing engaging and important stories to our supporters.

Graphic design: Our graphic design team makes GOTR look good! From Facebook cover photos to Thank-you notes, design work is a part of everything our marketing team does.

Event Planning: GOTR Bexar County had a lot to celebrate this season! From opening our new office to holding our first annual holiday party, we will take any opportunity to get together with our supporters and friends. Our event planning team is responsible for getting the word out about special events and helping to make them a success!

Translator: It is essential that we bring information about Girls on the Run to everyone in the area. Having translators helps us to do just that! We are currently seeking volunteers with experience in translation to get the word out to our Spanish-speaking population.

Public Relations:  The PR (public relations) team strategically works to promote and build relationships between our organization and the public. Their goal is to protect our brand and reputation within the community. Some of their tasks are to promote meaningful causes such as our End of Season 5k's, engage in strategic planning with the social media team, and help us partner with other great organizations with a similar mission such as SA2020, BigGiveSA, etc. Our PR team is a newly assembled group and we are excited to get the word out about our great program to the media, the general public, and other like-minded organizations!

If you see yourself in one of these roles we would love to have you! We are currently seeking volunteers in all areas. Please e-mail for more information.

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